Mike Pence – Myths vs Facts

Let me start by putting my cards on the table here – I’m not a Mike Pence supporter. While writing about how his appearance in the audience at the Hamilton musical resulted him him being booed, I came across one commenter who suggested that booing him was wholly appropriate because […]

Weird claims: “Obama Is a Muslim”

We do all know that it is perhaps part of the human condition for many wacky ideas to float about, but sometimes even that knowledge does not insulate you from being surprised when something truly bizarre pops it. Perhaps the degree of surprise is in some respects source driven. Conservapedia is a well-known […]

What are the very best arguments presented by Climate Change deniers?

Not everybody is on board with the idea that climate change is real and that human activity is the root cause, and so beyond the prevailing consensus that exists within the scientific community there are a few individuals who take a different stance. What arguments do they present and what inspires […]

Hillary Clinton Mythology 1

I am quite frankly astonished to observe the degree of mythology that has grown up around both Bill and Hillary Clinton. To give you an idea of what is floating about, here is a list to various claims that have all been robustly fact-checked on Snopes and discovered to be completely […]

How to be religious and also very obnoxious

Matt Barber would like to convince you that you are wrong for not believing exactly what he believes. His strategy is to advise that his belief is quite obviously true, and you are delusional if you don’t just believe it despite the complete lack of any evidence. He even has a bible quote that […]

#Brexit Urban Legends: Cabbages vs Gettysburg Address

There is an old urban legend, and I really do mean ‘old’ because it goes back to the 1940s. It pops up on a regular basis in social media and contains a compassion between the number of words within some well-respected prose and a supposed directive concerning the selling of cabbages. […]