Wingnut Weekly – 22 Sep 2019

wingnut weekly

Last Thursday the Koch funded Tea party (yes there are still a few of them around), gathered on the West Lawn of the U.S. Capitol Building on Thursday for a rally where they declared socialism the top enemy. It is their 10-year anniversary. Ten years ago tens of thousands turned up to their rally. This last week … Read moreWingnut Weekly – 22 Sep 2019

Wingnut Weekly – 1st Sept 2019

wingnut weekly

The issue in focus is not belief vs non-belief, but rather is a spotlight being thrown upon those that feel that imposing their belief upon others is the high moral ground. There is a vast diversity of belief that runs right across the entire political spectrum. The problems we face are very much emanating from … Read moreWingnut Weekly – 1st Sept 2019

Weekly Wingnut News – 25Aug19

Wing Nut

Previously I used the title “Weekly Weird Right-Wing Fundamentalist News”. That’s a tad long so I’ll try out this new title “Weekly Wingnut News”. Cue a band of internet surfing mechanics becoming bitterly disappointed to discover I’m not discussing hardware and instead that this relates to the slang term “Wingnut” that is used to label … Read moreWeekly Wingnut News – 25Aug19

Weekly Weird Right-Wing Fundamentalist News: 18Aug19


Concern has been expressed by some fundamentalists that the tag “racist” is being applied to them unfairly. Let’s briefly review some rather familiar recent history … Obama: 1 wife, 26 yrs, 2 kids by his wife, church goer, activist, politician, no extramarrital scandals – he is declared to be the ANTICHRIST Trump: 3 wives, 5 … Read moreWeekly Weird Right-Wing Fundamentalist News: 18Aug19

Weekly Weird Right-Wing Fundamentalist News: 4Aug19

For many the US is all about the embrace of values such as fairness and equality. What is also truly weird is that those on the religious right-wing strive to destroy it all as they stand upon that platform of fairness and equality. For them, a return to an era of pre-New Deal and a … Read moreWeekly Weird Right-Wing Fundamentalist News: 4Aug19