Weekly Weird Religious News – Chris is Risen – #FakeNews

weekly weird religious news chris is risen #FakeNews

Once a week I pick out three items of religiously inspired weirdness that have popped up within the news cycle during the last seven days and throw a spotlight upon them. Given the significant of the date, this week perhaps merits something slightly different. We have a claim that is perhaps the ultimate example of … Read more

Claim: National Trust and Cadbury’s have dropped the word Easter

A claim has popped up in the UK that has caught the attention of many, and that includes both the media and also the movers and shakers within the political arena. Apparently Cadbury, the chocolate manufacturer,  and the National Trust have supposedly obliterated all references to Easter from material promoting egg hunts across the country. So let’s take a … Read more

Debunking Atheist Myths: Easter comes from Eostre

As I’m sure you are aware, atheism is the rejection of the various god claims due to the distinct lack of any evidence, and that is the entire scope of it. There are however some commonly held views expressed by those that do not hold religious beliefs that also lack any evidence and so it is … Read more

How do they work out when Easter is?

The specific dates for Easter have always been a bit of a mystery to most, and I don’t just mean the non-religious, but rather everybody including the most devoutly religious. Ask and at best you will be advised that it has something to do with the moon, but beyond that … no details. So how is … Read more