Pastor Jackson Lahmeyer: Politically Incorrect, Just a liar, or Something Else?

Jackson Lahmeyer

Pro-Trump US Senate Candidate Pastor Jackson Lahmeyer posted up a list of things on Jan 13, 2022 that he is claiming are true, but are also politically incorrect. Here is his list … If you are able to think rationally and critically then you will most probably be capable of working out that in one … Read more

Climate: The Building is on Fire but the Show is too good to miss

Air temperature at a height of two metres for 2021, shown relative to its 1991–2020 average. Source: ERA5. Credit: Copernicus Climate Change Service/ECMWF

(The posting below is a writing experiment. I’m interleaving cold hard facts, the latest climate data, along with a metaphorical and totally fictitious micro-story about one lone remote cinema. Why? Data can be dull, it is an attempt to say something about how we as a species are not responding to the data in any … Read more

Bizarre Claim: Faith healing will make hospitals obsolete

faith healing

During a recent interview, bonkers QAnon Cultist and Christian fanatic, Dave Hayes, has asserted that a God-orientated health care system should completely replace all doctors and hospitals. Apparently he would very much like to see this happen. He claims that God has told him that this is what God wants to do. Via Hemant Mehta, … Read more