Maya Archaeologists in Guatemala make a “HOLY $HIT” discovery


Regarding the above posting title about the new Maya discovery in Guatemala, I’m not exaggerating. Take for example this tweet by Egyptologist Sarah Parcak … Hey all: you realize that researchers just used lasers to find *60,000* new sites in Guatemala?!? This is HOLY $HIT territory. — Sarah Parcak (@indyfromspace) February 2, 2018 Beyond the … Read more

Evidence of hunting with stone tipped spears 500,000 years ago

Its an exciting find, there is now clear evidence that the common ancestor of both humans and Neanderthals hunted with stone tipped spears … half a million years ago. Let that number sink in. The specific news is that we knew that stone spears were in use 300,000 years ago, but a new study now pushes … Read more

Life’s a Beach

Right now I’m in Ireland on the North Antrim coast. Its a very interesting area. OK, yes I’ve been to the Bushmills distillery to sample the water of life, thats where you take the tour, then get to sample the product afterwards, but thats not what I’m on about. All along the coast there exists … Read more