Possible Life on Mars

life on mars

The possibility of life on MARS has just been given another uptick. Nothing certain is known. Instead what has happened is the publication of a new study within Nature Geoscience that independently confirms a previous observation regarding Methane. Methane – A Quick Timeline Back in 2013 the Curiosity rover detected a spike in methane. This was … Read morePossible Life on Mars

Is MARS getting warmer? – #climate

While reading an article related to yesterdays posting I noticed that one of the very first comments to pop up under it was this … Mars is currently warming without any human interference.  Google it. Why did the left highjack this and politicize it? The point he is attempting to make is that humans have not … Read moreIs MARS getting warmer? – #climate

Proof of Alien Life on MARS … Pictures available

Various media outlets are reporting a rather startling revelation … Life on Mars? Alien ‘experts’ claim NASA images show ‘giant space worm’ Images from NASA show a cylindrical “space worm”, according to alien life research group Secure Team 10. The team compared two snaps captured by the Mars Rover – showing the same spot on the … Read moreProof of Alien Life on MARS … Pictures available

Packing for Mars … would you be willing to go?

There now exists a shortlist of 100 who have signed up for a one way trip to Mars … yes really. So the 100 who have signed up truly believe they are going, and the Mars One folks claim they are serious about really doing this. If curious about what happens when, then here is their … Read morePacking for Mars … would you be willing to go?