Science in Action – Correcting Mistakes


This is a story about what happened when a published peer-reviewed paper was discovered to be wrong. It is a great illustration of science being a process about the pursuit of truth. For some “Science” is perhaps viewed as a body of knowledge. For example in some educational systems it is a topic where you … Read moreScience in Action – Correcting Mistakes

Shutdown: The Impact upon science


Nature and also Scientific American have published the same article that throws a spotlight upon some of the ways that the Shutdown is impacting science. The impact is quite real because the shutdown rather obviously impacts federally funded NASA, and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Additionally all grant processing by the National Science Foundation (NSF) … Read moreShutdown: The Impact upon science

Climate Change will dramatically alter ecosystems


Today’s key message is this: Without dramatic reductions in greenhouse-gas emissions, most of the planet’s land-based ecosystems—from its forests and grasslands to the deserts and tundra—are at high risk of “major transformation” due to climate change. This comes from a newly published study by an international research team. Climate change warnings are often labelled as … Read moreClimate Change will dramatically alter ecosystems