Wingnut Weekly – 13 Oct 2019

wingnut of the week

When faced with the various wingnut proclamations then you do have to seriously wonder who they are attempting to communicate with. The gullible and the easily manipulated is the most viable answer. Nobody else can take such ideas seriously. During the past week we have been given the strong suggestion that Trump should execute his … Read moreWingnut Weekly – 13 Oct 2019

National Weather Service and NOAA vs Trump

National Weather Service and NOAA vs Trump

The byline is perhaps fact vs fiction and revolves around the tweet put out by the National Weather Service. What happened? Least you missed it, here is how it all played out. On Sept 1st, the idiot-in-chief tweeted this warning about Hurricane Dorian … One tiny flaw, Alabama was not at risk. The Alabama Weather … Read moreNational Weather Service and NOAA vs Trump

Can you really Nuke a Hurricane?

Nuke a Hurricane

The short simple answer is that you can indeed Nuke a Hurricane. The problem is that you will not alter the storm. Instead you have simply added to the environmental problems you face. Let’s dig into this a bit. Why has this come up? Journalist Jonathan Swan of Axios published a story on 25th Aug … Read moreCan you really Nuke a Hurricane?

Why Do Evangelicals support Trump?


Traditionally you would perhaps expect that Evangelicals would be all about Love, Forgiveness, and helping the stranger, but within the US political arena there exists a bizarre and quite pervasive political-religious devotion to Trump amongst the vast majority of those that identify as white evangelicals. Regardless of all that has happened, as many as 71% … Read moreWhy Do Evangelicals support Trump?