Fake News: The UK Election is unsafe #GE19

fake news in the UK election

Thursday 12th Dec is Election day in the UK. Is it a nice clean election with no evidence of any manipulation at all? Er … no. Here are a few quick examples. The Punch that was not a Punch The BBC Sockpuppets are being played as usual. For example we had the “credible” report yesterday … Read more Fake News: The UK Election is unsafe #GE19

Wingnut Weekly – 8 Dec 2019

GOP wingnut cool-aid

A rather consistent wingnut strategy is not to make a compelling argument, but to instead falsely brand your opponents as literally evil incarnate. This quite literal demonisation is very blatant emotional manipulation that is designed to provoke an emotional response within their base that overrides any possibility of analytical thinking. We see labels such as … Read more Wingnut Weekly – 8 Dec 2019

Wingnut Weekly – 10 Oct 2019


When faced with the utterly bizarre weekly wingnut proclamations you would be strongly tempted to think that nobody would be stupid enough to actually believe this stuff. Then, to your complete astonishment, many of their accolades are quite happy to pop up and prove you quite wrong about that. You have to wonder why it … Read more Wingnut Weekly – 10 Oct 2019