Did Jesus really exist?

Was there ever an actual human named Jesus or is his very existence a myth? The most probable rational conclusion is that there was indeed a human who claimed to be a Messiah and was then executed. However, when it comes to the various supernatural and miracle claims, there are very good reasons for considering all … Read more

What are the Greatest Moments in Human History?

The greatest moments image (above) has popped up on Facebook. No doubt you will guess that it comes from an evangelical believer named Mark Spence – if curious, you can find that original Facebook posting here. You know that the image will of course provoke, and so those that believe all give it a thumbs up and those … Read more

Abusing Bayes theorem

Bates theorem is named after the Rev. Thomas Bayes (1701–1761), who first formulated it. It is essentially a statistical tool that allows you to work out the probability of something. The Cancer Illustration Let’s quickly illustrate how it works. If you wanted to work out the probability that somebody has cancer and you knew how old they were then you could … Read more