COVID-19 Coronavirus Mythology

What is perhaps inevitable is that when some major event happens, conspiracy theories and myths take off. This is not unique to COVID-19, it happens with any and every major event. It might be tempting to simply roll your eyes and ignore it, but not addressing some of these myths will indeed have consequences. Take … Read more COVID-19 Coronavirus Mythology

Was 9/11 a controlled demolition?


The events of 9/11 are very well documented, you really do not need me to rehash the details because there are many other highly reliable sources. The basic facts are spelled out on this Wikipedia page titled “September 11 attacks“. It describes the background, the actual attacks, the aftermath, the effects, and also lists the … Read more Was 9/11 a controlled demolition?

Conspiracy Facts – can you spot fake vs real?

The Skeptics Guide to the Universe is a long running and highly popular podcast that has weekly show since 2005. One regular item they have is called “Science or Fiction”. This is where the host, Steven Novella, presents his panel of skeptics with three items, and they have to see if they can spot which … Read more Conspiracy Facts – can you spot fake vs real?