Pew Poll: Do we really trust Scientific Experts?

scientific experts

A couple of days ago (2nd Aug 2019) Pew released their latest data from a public poll of how much we trust scientific experts. Titled “Trust and Mistrust in Americans’ Views of Scientific Experts” it is actually rather encouraging. What exactly did they find? From a survey that they conducted in January 2019, they have … Read morePew Poll: Do we really trust Scientific Experts?

The Pew Religious Knowledge Quiz

religious knowledge

On the surface this might appear to be a posting that is simply reporting the results of the latest Pew survey of Religious Knowledge. It is not. Instead I am using the insights gained from it to point out a few rather fascinating details. The latest Pew Quiz Published on 23rd July 2019, pew published … Read moreThe Pew Religious Knowledge Quiz

How many believe in Creationism?


Gallop have published the results of their regular poll that explores belief in Creationism. From this we learn that 40% of U.S. adults ascribe to a strictly creationist view of human origins, believing that God created them in their present form within roughly the past 10,000 years. Let’s take a look at the details they … Read moreHow many believe in Creationism?

Poll: Decline of US confidence in Religion continues

decline of religion in US

The news comes via the publication of the latest Gallup poll. The title of their release is “U.S. Confidence in Organized Religion Remains Low“, but dive in and you find that this is a bit of a misleading title. It has actually declined even further. It has not simply remained low, but has continued to … Read morePoll: Decline of US confidence in Religion continues