News Corp Climate Denial

news corp

Rupert Murdoch, the founder and chairman behind a vast media empire commonly known as News Corp, recently made this public statement … “there are no climate change deniers around I can assure you”  The context here was the corporation’s AGM in New York. Australian activist shareholder Stephen Mayne had asked … “What do you believe … Read more News Corp Climate Denial

Watching the Right Wing

right wing

You might, or perhaps might not be aware, that I amuse myself by compiling a weekly posting titled “Wingnut Weekly”. The latest is via this link dated 5th January. I am partially motivated by my past. I was once an evangelical religious fundamentalist. What intrigues me about it all now is the promotion of very … Read more Watching the Right Wing

Does flagging Fake News work?

Fake News

One part of the Facebook “solution” is to flag Fake News as Fake. This is how they describe it … Better identifying false news through our community and third-party fact-checking organizations so that we can limit its spread, which, in turn, makes it uneconomical. This leads to an interesting question. If you permit people to … Read more Does flagging Fake News work?