Did Jesus Die for the Laysan Albatross?

This might start out as something that comes across as a normal average wildlife article, so I better warn you, there is a rather surprising twist coming up. Back in prehistoric March 2007, the then First lady Barbara Bush gave a talk while visiting Hawaii. The occasion was notable because she was sharing her remarks … Read more

Does Bigfoot really exist, what do we know?

Bigfoot! … Why am I covering a very old topic? Basically because something new has happened. There is a recently published scientific paper that has a bit of a reveal with a fascinating insight. Now, before we go there let’s just go over the basics. Much of this is of course well known. This is … Read more

The Strange Story of the Mojave Phone Booth

Last week I was in San Diego for some meetings and took a day out to go visit Joshua Tree National Park. If you ever get a chance then I highly recommend going for a visit. If you do it, then invest at least a day into it so that you get the most out … Read more