Christian School Expels Girl For refusing to have picture taken in bathtub

If you are a student in school who refuses to complete homework, you might indeed anticipate that this would become an issue. Initially you might face questions from your teacher. If that does not resolve it then a visit to the principles office, perhaps with parents, to discuss the matter might be next. What happens … Read more

The “Persecution” of Brandon Straka, the CPAC Jail Guy

So let’s start with this tweet from @BrandonStraka … In other words … this guy … This is not a protest, nor is it traditional art. Instead this is performative grifting by a con artist. Pictured above you can see Brandon at CPAC sitting in a fake jail cell. He is dressed in a janitorial … Read more

Did Dinosaurs and Humans Co-Exist?

Apparently there is solid evidence that humans and Dinosaurs were around at the same time. We will dive into this claim in a moment, but first, I’ll explain why this has popped up on my radar. I was contacted recently by somebody. The individual will remain nameless in order to protect the utterly clueless. A … Read more

Weird Evangelical Claim: Biggest Religion is LGBTQ

The one thing that many evangelical extremists reliably do is to make truly weird claims. Today we have Pastor Mark Driscoll popping up to claim that the biggest religion in the world is LGBTQ. Seriously, this is not parody, and yes, if you are up to speed on such stuff it is “that” Mark Driscoll, … Read more

Bizarre Claim: Unicorns and Flying Fire-Breathing Dragons are real

Ark encounter

The above title is not a parody, somebody is seriously making that claim under the banner of “science”. To be clear, the use of that word is not the scientific data-driven sciency stuff that you will find in credible science journals, but instead is “science” as taught by Answers In Genesis. Who? It comes via … Read more