Arctic Summer warmest ever in over 100,000 years

arctic tundra

Rapidly receding glaciers within the Canadian Arctic have created an opportunity for scientists to gather samples of the ancient delicate vegetation that has been preserved under the ice. Once exposed they soon start to get destroyed by the wind and water, so before that happened there exists a narrow window in which samples can be … Read moreArctic Summer warmest ever in over 100,000 years

Permafrost Study reveals a warming trend

Permafrost melting in Svalbard, Norway.

There is a Global collaboration that monitors Permafrost. You can find their website here. This is basically a network of boreholes that is managed by the international scientific community. Who exactly runs it all? Their GTN-P database is hosted at the Arctic Portal in Akureyri, Iceland. It is managed in close cooperation with the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine … Read morePermafrost Study reveals a warming trend