Is the Echo Chamber Idea a myth?

echo chamber

The basic idea should be familiar. Some people consume a very narrow band of information, for example Trump leaning individuals only tuning into Fox news or reading nothing but right-wing sites such as Breitbart. Another scenario is that in a social media context we filter out and remove people who promote ideas we do not … Read more

The detox myth debunked

The New York Times has a nice article that very neatly sticks the knife right into the heart of the prevailing detox myth and then twists it a couple of times just to ensure that you got the message … “It’s hard to understand because there is no good scientific evidence that a juice cleanse, or … Read more

Debunking Atheist Myths: Easter comes from Eostre

As I’m sure you are aware, atheism is the rejection of the various god claims due to the distinct lack of any evidence, and that is the entire scope of it. There are however some commonly held views expressed by those that do not hold religious beliefs that also lack any evidence and so it is … Read more

Is Jesus a myth or did he really exist?

It is perhaps common within some non-religious circles to roll with the idea that Jesus was just a myth and never existed, however I do have serious doubts about that, so I’m putting my thoughts down to see what others might think. It is a fringe idea As a bit of context, about 99.99% of biblical … Read more