Being F**ked by Jesus

This is not a posting about somebody having a really bad religious experience, nor is it surreal poetry. Instead, it is about a pastor who has grasped the familiar “Bride of Christ” imagery that exists within the bible and then proceeded to run hard and fast with it as Christian Porn. Beyond the bizarreness, it … Read more

Can you Prove Jesus with Bayes Theorem?

Jesus and Bayes Theorem

Can you take a statistical tool such as Bayes Theorem and calculate meaningful answers to religious questions such as “Is there a God?“, “Did Jesus exist?“, or “Did Jesus rise from the dead?“. It has been tried, people really will deploy this approach. When challenged they often exclaim “You can’t argue with the maths, it … Read more

Does Josh McDowell have Evidence That Demands a Verdict?

Josh McDowell

The Christian Post has published an article by Josh McDowell in which he makes some amazing claims. For example he cites the existence of Forensic evidence that Jesus Rose from the dead. Normally I’d roll my eyes at stuff like this and then move on, but I’m pausing for two reasons to take a closer look. … Read more

Did Jesus really exist?

Was there ever an actual human named Jesus or is his very existence a myth? The most probable rational conclusion is that there was indeed a human who claimed to be a Messiah and was then executed. However, when it comes to the various supernatural and miracle claims, there are very good reasons for considering all … Read more