Let’s start this thought experiment with a small scenario. Suppose you lived in a small town that contained buildings for the various religious beliefs to meet in, a Mosque, a synagogue and a Catholic Church. How would you feel if things played out like this. Each friday, the catholics and […]

Cartoons of Mohammed – needlessly provocative or a defence of free expression?

Hopefully you can immediately grasp the right answer for this question, and if so then that is good. Alas, sadly there appears to be a strand of thinking that simply does not get it. First, to illustrate the point, let’s switch topic and imagine that a horrendous rape has taken place. The […]

The Copenhagen Shooting – Who Really has Responsibility?

History once again repeats itself. Back in 1989, the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini issued a fatwā calling for Salman Rushdie’s death due to his book The Satanic Verses, and as a result tens of millions of copies were sold. It earned Salman Rushdie $2 million in the first year alone, and also became an all-time best seller for the publisher. Without […]

Islamists turn out to be the Best publicists ever in history for a Mohammed Image