Added Arctic data shows global warming didn’t pause

The years 1998 to 2012 have been previously regarded by some as a time in which the increase in Global Warming paused. Various terms that have been tossed about to refer to this include “global warming hiatus”, “global warming pause”, or “global warming slowdown”. So here is roughly how things have played out … By … Read more

What is the worst case scenario for sea level rise?

sea level rise

There is a new study that highlights what needs to happen if we are going to avoid a dramatic rise in sea level by 2100. The worst case scenario that we are now looking at is a rise of about four feet. The Study It is entitled “Linking sea level rise and socioeconomic indicators under … Read more

Why has there been a dramatic increase in Methane levels?

The second most potent greenhouse gas that contributes to Climate Change is Methane. This one has been a bit of a puzzle because there has been a dramatic increase in it during the past decade and nobody was able to explain why. That however has changed. The Methane Mystery A Washington Post article by Chris … Read more

Avoiding Dangerous Global Warming: The Window Is Closing

Dangerous Global Warming

If we proceed with a business-as-usual scenario and fail to take truly meaningful decisive action to address Climate Change then there is about a 50 percent possibility that global temperatures will rise by 4 degrees celsius. This is an actual existential threat for our species and would be quite deadly. Where are I getting this from? … Read more

Effective Communication matters – #climate

How you express something important truly does matter. If you are going to practise effective communication then you need to think beyond just what you are telling people, but also how you communicate. Somebody was once telling me about a visit to a church they made when they were on vacation. It was excessively dynamic. … Read more

Climate Change: Filling the political and financial funding abyss

The Trump Administration’s principle weapon of choice for attacking climate science is not melodramatic announcements such as the one concerning US withdrawal from the Paris Agreement, nor is it the appointment of individuals such as Scott Pruitt to lead the EPA, but instead is firmly rooted in federal finance. The proposed budget for 2018 will, … Read more