Satellite observations confirm sea level rise is accelerating

sea level rise

There is a new study that presents yet more evidence that sea level is not only rising, but that the observed rate of that rise is accelerating. It is entitled, “Climate-change–driven accelerated sea-level rise detected in the altimeter era“, and has been published this week within the Proceedings of the National Academy of sciences. Quick … Read more

The Global impact of Melting ice sheets on ocean tides

sea level rise tides

We know that sea level is rising, that has been well-established. In fact we know that the rate of that rise is accelerating, that has also been established. We also understand why sea level is rising. As global temperatures increase you not only have the rather obvious melting of land based ice taking place, but … Read more

What is the worst case scenario for sea level rise?

sea level rise

There is a new study that highlights what needs to happen if we are going to avoid a dramatic rise in sea level by 2100. The worst case scenario that we are now looking at is a rise of about four feet. The Study It is entitled “Linking sea level rise and socioeconomic indicators under … Read more