Effective Communication: Tackling Climate Mythology

effective communication

There are people who post rhetoric that is by design not simply false, but also crafted to provoke an emotional response. Often the best reply is none at all, and yet at times I fail and do not resist the temptation. One chap recently posted something that “inspired” me to respond with a rebuttal. His … Read moreEffective Communication: Tackling Climate Mythology

Communicating “Truth”


I’d like to point to two specific articles today that are related to the idea of communicating things that are true. Before we dip in, let’s first establish what we mean by “truth”. Religious truth is never wrong In a religious context communication of “truth” is the promotion of ideas that are deemed to be … Read moreCommunicating “Truth”

Effective Communication matters – #climate

How you express something important truly does matter. If you are going to practise effective communication then you need to think beyond just what you are telling people, but also how you communicate. Somebody was once telling me about a visit to a church they made when they were on vacation. It was excessively dynamic. … Read moreEffective Communication matters – #climate

How not to communicate … even if you are right?

Getting into somebody’s face and telling them that they are being a F***ing idiot and that they are doing/believing something very stupid is highly effective. This consistently works every time, they always step back and comment, “Yep, you are right“, and then immediately change their position. You have seen that happen all the time … right? … Read moreHow not to communicate … even if you are right?