Possible Life on Mars

life on mars

The possibility of life on MARS has just been given another uptick. Nothing certain is known. Instead what has happened is the publication of a new study within Nature Geoscience that independently confirms a previous observation regarding Methane. Methane – A Quick Timeline Back in 2013 the Curiosity rover detected a spike in methane. This was … Read more

Climate: Acceleration of permafrost methane emissions


The Washington Past has a great article by Chris Mooney and others. Beyond the words we also have some really cool graphics and images. It all rotates around research by Katey Walter Anthony of the University of Alaska at Fairbanks into an Arctic Cauldron that is emitting huge amounts of methane. Titled “Arctic Cauldron”, you can find … Read more

Why has there been a dramatic increase in Methane levels?

The second most potent greenhouse gas that contributes to Climate Change is Methane. This one has been a bit of a puzzle because there has been a dramatic increase in it during the past decade and nobody was able to explain why. That however has changed. The Methane Mystery A Washington Post article by Chris … Read more

Study: Rapid Methane Hydrate Release at End of Last Ice Age

A new paper has been published that writes top the details of what happened as the glaciers retreated at the end of the last ice age. The paper published in Science is entitled “Massive blow-out craters formed by hydrate-controlled methane expulsion from the Arctic seafloor” and is summed up as follows … Widespread methane release from … Read more