Climate Change – should we be worried?


It is very human for many of us to worry about things in our daily lives such as job prospects, relationships, and political concerns. Why should we also worry about climate change when the impacts from it are centuries away? Yes, sea level is rising, and that rise is accelerating … but it is only … Read more

Did Climate Change cause Dorian?

Hurricane Dorian

Dorian has been one of the strongest, and also longest-lasting hurricanes on Record in the Atlantic. It was slow-moving and that was itself devastating. It was also the most powerful storm to hit the Bahamas since records began. Sustained wind speeds of 185mph, storm surges, and flooding has resulted in an unprecedented scale of destruction. … Read more

Will Global Warming really Destroy Clouds?


Various media stories have popped up reporting the idea that global warming will lead to the destruction of clouds, and that in turn would then lead to greatly accelerated warming. For example … USA Today: Climate change could zap clouds, bake the Earth even more In a word … yikes! What is even more scary … Read more