Will Global Warming really Destroy Clouds?


Various media stories have popped up reporting the idea that global warming will lead to the destruction of clouds, and that in turn would then lead to greatly accelerated warming. For example … USA Today: Climate change could zap clouds, bake the Earth even more In a word … yikes! What is even more scary … Read more

How do we know that Humans are responsible for Climate Change?

climate change

What is really causing Climate Change? If you follow any well-known climate scientists on twitter that you will perhaps observe that often people will pop up to explain that they are all wrong and that the real cause of Global Warming is … well basically anything except the actual cause – us. You can hear … Read more

Hurricane Season – What is coming in 2018?


Over at Penn State ESSC (Earth System Science Center) have issued a 2018 Hurricane forecast … ESSC scientist Michael E. Mann, alumnus Michael Kozar, and researcher Sonya K. Miller have released their seasonal prediction for the 2018 North Atlantic hurricane season, which officially starts on June 1st and runs through November 30th. The prediction is … Read more

Scott Pruitt says global warming may help ‘humans flourish’

scott pruitt

Listing to a climate denier explain his stance will generally result in you listening to something utterly daft being said. Normally the appropriate response is to perhaps roll your eyes and move one, but in this specific case a spotlight needs to be thrown upon it all because it actually does matter. Scott Pruitt is … Read more

UK’s Met Office – 1.5 C global warming is in their 5 year forecast


Some rather dire news has been issued within an official press release from the UK’s Met Office. Entitled “Five-year forecast indicates further warming” they explain that their climate models point to us probably breaching the 1.5 C Global Warming limit in the next five years … A new forecast published by scientists at the Met … Read more

Explaining the Extreme Weather events of 2016

extreme weather 2016

The American Meteorological Society has issued a report that very decisively and clearly points the finger at humans as the cause of extreme weather events. That is a first. This latest version of the report examines 27 papers. Within the Abstract they clearly maintain their policy of having a neutral stance … As in past years, … Read more