Jamed Randi

Dramatic and very sudden changes at the #JREF 1

In a rather sudden announcement on a labour day weekend, the James Randi Educational Foundation has announced that they are closing their LA office and moving their operations to Virginia in order to save money, that DJ Grothe is no longer with the JREF, and that this restructuring is all part of an enhanced […]

An Honest Liar at #TAM2014

The Amazing Meeting was off to a fabulous start yesterday and is as always living up to its name. The workshops have of course been great, but personally a huge highlight was being able to see the screening of “An Honest Liar” for the first time. If you are at TAM […]

James Randi, the original mythbuster

The Toronto Star has a fabulous article that I really like all about James Randi … here are a couple of snippets extracted from that article … “He saw me as a mentalist — that is, a magician with apparent ESP powers,” Randi says. “I think (he) knew I was […]

James Randi responds to a Letter from a Priest

I came across an article on the JREF site that was posted yesterday and is all about a letter that Randi received from a Catholic Priest along with some cheap religious trinkets. Published also for us to all enjoy is Randi’s brilliant reply. The letter from this Priest is everything one would […]

Interview with James Randi : “Homeopathy: trickery or treatment?” Yesterday 22nd Feb

In the context of the question Homeopathy: trickery or treatment? – you know the right answer, or at least I do hope that you do, and so what is of more interest to us here is that Jonathan McCrea speaks to the world’s most famous skeptic, James Randi who is now 85, […]

“Look … its a flying pig” – Yes, the 2013 Pigasus awards are out

Every year James Randi presents the Pigasus Awards to outrageous frauds who have been noted during the past year … yes, you read that correctly “Pigasus”. The term is a portmanteau pun combining the word pig with the mythological Pegasus, a reference to the expression “when pigs fly”, so what […]