God and other fictional characters

There is a series of movies entitled “Gods Not Dead”, and also “Gods not Dead 2”. Apparently there is also a third in the series that might at some point appear. If you are religious then you will indeed mark these down as “Inspirational”. If however you are a movie critic … not so much. … Read moreGod and other fictional characters

Christians vs Atheists, the movie

You might perhaps be wondering what this drama is all about. For those in the know it all comes down to that one-man incarnation of religious eccentricity, Mr Ray Comfort. He is also rather famously known to some as “The Banana Man” due to a previous evangelist career highlight where on camera he produced a … Read moreChristians vs Atheists, the movie

Banning Prayer Advertisements in UK Cinemas

There appears to have been a bit of a fuss about the Church of England wanting to deploy an advertisement involving prayer, they claim it was banned and cite free-speech concerns. As reported by the BBC … The Church of England has said it is “disappointed and bewildered” by the refusal of leading UK cinemas … Read moreBanning Prayer Advertisements in UK Cinemas

An Honest Liar at #TAM2014

The Amazing Meeting was off to a fabulous start yesterday and is as always living up to its name. The workshops have of course been great, but personally a huge highlight was being able to see the screening of “An Honest Liar” for the first time. If you are at TAM right now, then you can … Read moreAn Honest Liar at #TAM2014

Movie Trailer: “THE UNBELIEVERS”

This is a movie that includes … Ricky Gervais Woody Allen Cameron Diaz Tim Minchin Eddie Izzard Adam Savage Penn Jillette …and more. Yea … ah but it gets better, it also  includes … Stephen Hawking Sarah Silverman Bill Pullman Werner Herzog Ian McEwan Ayaan Hirsi-Ali Sam Harris Dan Dennett James Randi Cormac McCarthy Paul … Read moreMovie Trailer: “THE UNBELIEVERS”

Chasing Ice movie reveals largest iceberg calving ever filmed

This is cool, I just had to share it. There is a new movie out tomorrow called “Chasing Ice” that is a documentary by environmental photographer James Balog. In 2005 he headed to the Arctic on a tricky assignment for National Geographic: to capture images to help tell the story of the Earth’s changing climate. Even with a … Read moreChasing Ice movie reveals largest iceberg calving ever filmed