Christians vs Atheists, the movie

You might perhaps be wondering what this drama is all about. For those in the know it all comes down to that one-man incarnation of religious eccentricity, Mr Ray Comfort. He is also rather famously known to some as “The Banana Man” due to a previous evangelist career highlight where on camera he produced a … Read more

Banning Prayer Advertisements in UK Cinemas

There appears to have been a bit of a fuss about the Church of England wanting to deploy an advertisement involving prayer, they claim it was banned and cite free-speech concerns. As reported by the BBC … The Church of England has said it is “disappointed and bewildered” by the refusal of leading UK cinemas … Read more

Movie Trailer: “THE UNBELIEVERS”

This is a movie that includes … Ricky Gervais Woody Allen Cameron Diaz Tim Minchin Eddie Izzard Adam Savage Penn Jillette …and more. Yea … ah but it gets better, it also  includes … Stephen Hawking Sarah Silverman Bill Pullman Werner Herzog Ian McEwan Ayaan Hirsi-Ali Sam Harris Dan Dennett James Randi Cormac McCarthy Paul … Read more

Chasing Ice movie reveals largest iceberg calving ever filmed

This is cool, I just had to share it. There is a new movie out tomorrow called “Chasing Ice” that is a documentary by environmental photographer James Balog. In 2005 he headed to the Arctic on a tricky assignment for National Geographic: to capture images to help tell the story of the Earth’s changing climate. Even with a … Read more