A few final pointers regarding Richard Dawkins & NECSS

This is a topic that I’m more or less done with for now, but before I move on I wanted to add one last posting that contains a couple of links that consist of some quite good writing on it all. I  should add that putting links to them here does not necessarily imply I endorse … Read more

Insight into a couple of “Get rick quick” scams

The UK’s Mirror has a rather good article (yes really, the Mirror) that exposes a couple of fraudsters who are conning gullible people. So lets take a quick tour of each in turn. Simon Stepsys – “Buy my plan and get instantly rich” The first in our rogues gallery is a chap who claims that he can … Read more

#QEDcon – #skepticamp

So today, Friday 24th, was the pre #QEDcon skepticamp event, and if you missed it, then you missed a treat, you can perhaps catch up by tapping into the #QEDcon and #skepticamp twitter feeds, So here is what happened … (Hat Tip to Rob (@Your_FunnyUncle) – I stole borrowed the fantastic pictures that he tweeted) 11:00 Emma McClure – Peter Popoff- … Read more

Tickets now on sale for #QEDCon in 2015

Once again the fabulous QEDCon returns, and tickets are now on sale. What the heck is QEDCon? Starting in February 2011 the Merseyside Skeptics Society, in conjunction with the Greater Manchester Skeptics Society, began organising and presenting an annual two-day skeptical science festival, QED: Question. Explore. Discover … and that is what is going to … Read more