Interview with James Randi : “Homeopathy: trickery or treatment?” Yesterday 22nd Feb

In the context of the question Homeopathy: trickery or treatment? – you know the right answer, or at least I do hope that you do, and so what is of more interest to us here is that Jonathan McCrea speaks to the world’s most famous skeptic, James Randi who is now 85, on his Irish NewsTalk radio … Read more

Polling all Psychics … come and talk to the dead.

Michael Marshal, vice president of the Merseyside Skeptics Society, has announced in the Guardian that there is a wonderful opportunity for you to pop along and demonstrate you can talk to the dead … assuming of course that you actually have such a power. This invitation is open to all frauds psychics including the top-tier ones such as Sally … Read more

Grieving Mother Loses $20 Million to ‘Psychics’

I came across this utterly tragic story of loss and the hideous manner in which some truly unscrupulous psychics leveraged a human tragedy to enrich themselves.

I first found out about this from an article that Brandon K. Thorp wrote here in Gawker on 20th Aug where he writes …

Leaks in the Fort Lauderdale police department claim the best-selling author of Days of Gold, A Knight In Shining Armor, [Jude Deveraux] and almost 40 other works of literacha paid some $20 million to the Marks clan, a notorious family of fortune-tellers and occultists, to secure supernatural aid for her deceased son. The boy died at the age of eight in a motorcycle crash. Allegedly, a “psychic” told Ms. Deveraux that her son was trapped “somewhere between heaven and hell.”

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Fake Psychic Reading – How Accurate is it for you?

In Professor Richard Wiseman’s latest book, Paranormality, he suggests that it is very easy for so-called psychics to give highly accurate readings. Later, in the back of the same book, he gives an example that can be utilized to convince complete strangers that you can read their aura (or some other similar medium babble) and demonstrate that your apparent psychic powers are real, because you know all about them.

OK then, lets put that to the test here and now.

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