Claim: “Atheists believe too”

Father Robert Willson writes a letter in which he rolls out the grand old claim of “Oh, but you atheists also have faith”, and then proceeds to list a long litany of things that atheists are supposed to believe in.So let’s comment on that as we proceed to examine his claims … I agree that … Read more

Heather McManamy’s last letter to her family – #‎everydaymatters‬

A few days ago, Heather McManamy sadly passed away at the age of 36 from cancer. She knew this was coming, and not only faced it all with courage and dignity, but she also left a message that has now been shared by her husband Jeff on Facebook. I’d like to now share those words with … Read more

Darwin’s letter of disbelief

On 23rd November 1880, Charles Darwin received a letter from a barrister named FA McDermott. Within it he was asked to bluntly state if he did or did not believe… Sir, The reason of my intrusion—which I trust you will pardon—is this. I have a great desire to read your books—the more so after finding (in his Life … Read more

Letter from a Christian who is upset about non-believers

Ken Frank appears to be trying to be humorous, but to be brutally honest, instead comes across as a bit of a plonker. He has written a letter to the South Jersey times, and so I when I came across it, could not resist adding a few thoughts … To the Editor: The poor guy/girl has to … Read more

James Randi responds to a Letter from a Priest

I came across an article on the JREF site that was posted yesterday and is all about a letter that Randi received from a Catholic Priest along with some cheap religious trinkets. Published also for us to all enjoy is Randi’s brilliant reply. The letter from this Priest is everything one would expect. It contains lots of … Read more