“Look … its a flying pig” – Yes, the 2013 Pigasus awards are out

Every year James Randi presents the Pigasus Awards to outrageous frauds who have been noted during the past year … yes, you read that correctly “Pigasus”. The term is a portmanteau pun combining the word pig with the mythological Pegasus, a reference to the expression “when pigs fly”, so what else should awards granted to … Read more

2012 Pigasus Awards Announcement is out now

Yep, it’s that time of year again, this year’s Pigasus Awards have been announced. It is about here that some might be wondering “the what award? OK, first let me explain. Each year the JREF pokes a bit of fun at the parapsychological, paranormal or psychic community by granting it to those who have done something spectacularly daft. In fact, when … Read more

Famous Psychics and the $1 Million challenge

Not too long ago, the James Randi Educational Foundation (JREF) appeared on ABC’s Primetime Nightline where some famous psychics put their trickery up on display. It was obvious to most what was going on, the psychics knew before the show who they were doing a reading on, and … gasp … came back with information readily available via google, yet when asked to do a reading for others, declined with some excuse.

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JREF on ABC’s Primetime Nightline, Weds. 10pm / 9pm Central

I’ve cut and pasted the following article written by Sadie Crabtree  from here …


Wednesday night at 10:00pm (9:00pm Central), ABC’s Primetime Nightline will air a one-hour special on psychic abilities.

James Randi, along with JREF President D.J. Grothe, JREF’s Million Dollar Challenge Director Banachek, and advisor Jamy Ian Swiss, worked with Nightline producers on two of the segments and participated in three days of taping, including the JREF’s first-ever open Million Dollar Challenge event where hundreds of New York City psychics were invited to take our tests.

Watch ABC’s 30-second teaser for the show here, click “Read More” for behind-the-scenes photos, and make sure to watch Wednesday night!

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Report From the Skeptics Society’s Science Symposium – James Randi

James Randi writes about his time at the Skeptics Society … Last weekend, I had the privilege of attending Michael Shermer’s Science Symposium and rubbing shoulders with a somewhat different crowd than what I’ll mix with at the upcoming TAM in Las Vegas. TAM-ers are very much skeptics, and though at the Shermer event I … Read more

See James Randi in Norway – Live Online Video on Monday

I’ve simply cut and pasted this from here where the original was (well) written by Sadie Crabtree. It hit my “Oh thats cool” button, and yes indeed, I’m a JREF fan and 100% support all that they do. If you are not familiar with the JREF you may be interested in checking them out, I do highly recommend you to do so.

James Randi is traveling throughout Norway for a public awareness campaign sponsored by the Norwegian Humanist Association. Friday night he gave a lecture to a packed theater in Oslo, where more than 2,500 lined up to get one of the 1,000 seats for his free presentation.

Randi’s next talk in Trondheim will be broadcast live online by the University student association Studentersamfundet, beginning at 1:00 p.m. Eastern (10:00 a.m. Pacific) on Monday. Bookmark this link and tune in on Monday to watch.

Randi has given nearly a dozen interviews to Norwegian TV, radio, podcasts and daily newspapers—about homeopathy, Uri Geller’s recent visit, and the strange beliefs of the Norwegian Princess Märtha Louise. We’ll put some of these online when they’re available in English, along with video of Randi’s lectures.

If you’re in Norway, you can find Randi’s tour schedule here.

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