Top 3 Weekly Weird Religious News Items

Each and every week I compose a random sampling of three news items that throw a spotlight upon some religiously inspired lunacy that has popped up during the past seven days. Here is my selection of the top 3 for this week (ending Sun 13th Aug 2017). The individuals highlighted are generally not bad people, … Read more

The Myth of the war on Christmas

A war on what? The first observation to make is that the celebration of Christmas as we now experience it is very much an invention of the victorian era, and historically it was Easter that had far more significance to Christians. Much may in fact has been prompted by Charles Dickens writing A Christmas Carol in which he constructs Christmas as … Read more

Remembrance Sunday in the UK – What should Atheists make of it, take part or opt out?

There is a very interesting and thoughtful article in the Telegraph today by Peter Thompson, director of the Centre for Ernst Bloch Studies at the University of Sheffield. In it he lays out his thoughts regarding what goes on today – for the non UK-based folks, it is Remembrance Sunday. Remembrance Sunday is held on the Sunday nearest to 11 … Read more