Top 3 Weekly Weird Religious News Items

Each and every week I compose a random sampling of three news items that throw a spotlight upon some religiously inspired lunacy that has popped up during the past seven days. Here is my selection of the top 3 for this week (ending Sun 13th Aug 2017). The individuals highlighted are generally not bad people, … Read more

Claim: “Atheists have caused 110 million deaths in the last hundred years”

Once again this old chestnut pops up. Ray Comfort, a well-known evangelist has suggested that those that do not embrace myths as fact are inherently evil as follows … On Tuesday’s episode of “Janet Mefferd Today,” evangelist Ray Comfort said that atheists can’t be trusted in politics or other positions of authority because they have no “moral high … Read more

The decline and demise of Islam and Christianity

OK, so let’s set a bit of context here. The focus is that I am writing about religious morality, or to be a bit more specific, beliefs that tells you what is and is not right or wrong. Clearly the beliefs that do exactly this tend to dominate today, specifically Islam and also of course Christianity. Now here … Read more

Morality with and without a god

So I have a Morality claim from “TheBlaze” … well yes, identifying that as the source is perhaps sufficient to trigger a “here be some BS” alarm, because taking anything from TheBlaze seriously would perhaps be as viable as using Answers In Genesis as your go-to reference for science. As a bit of background context, TheBlaze was founded by Glenn Beck, a … Read more

Morality with and without a god.

The most common arguments that are often presented to make the claim that you can’t be truly good without a religious belief are as follows: Divine Command: Belief has absolute, god given rules. If you reject god, then you are simply making up your own ethical standard and so your morality would be relative and … Read more

Is sin real – Are we really just a few heartbeats away from depravity and wickedness? – Part II

I was writing yesterday about the religious claim that the default status of humans is that we are all fundamentally flawed, and suggested that if this was really true then the world should not be getting better, yet as a stark contrast to that the measurable worldwide trend is one in which violence of all types … Read more