How to Grift for Satan

Today’s item concerns a real proposal that was presented to lawmakers in Iowa by one individual. The meeting is pictured above. They were launching a bill to hand out money for private religious schools, so he turned up and explained … I’m starting Little Devils Academy. Little Devils Academy is going to be a K-12 … Read more

Pastor running Ponzi Scheme found guilty – he is going to jail

On Nov 17, a North Carolina court found Pastor Michael Baldwin guilty of running a fraudulent investment scam. What is the story here? Let’s find out. What exactly was he up to? He had established an “Investment Opportunity” called Miracle Mansion that started as long ago as 2009. The concept was this – it was … Read more

Weird Claim: “Biggest Threat to Kids is Hocus Pocus 2 Movie”


Deeply concerned Mom, Jamie Gooch, from Central Texas popped a posting on Facebook. Within this she issued a warning about kids watching the new Disney Hocus Pocus II movie. To be specific it was this posting … She does, somewhere in the middle write, “It seems silly” … yes, Jamie, you nailed it. While I … Read more