Who owns Christmas?


Google the word “Christmas” and you will find the Wikipedia page that explains what appears to be obvious … Christmas “is an annual festival, commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ“. The ever so small flaw here is that this is not really true, and so I’ll now explore some of the reasons to explain why it is far more … Read more

Do Atheists Celebrate Christmas?

It should be obvious, but to many it it is not, so let’s start by going back to basics. First Point – There is no rule The one and only common factor amongst Atheists is that they agree that there is no god, but beyond that there need not be any consensus at all on anything else, … Read more

Sol Invictus

Did you by any chance know that today, the 25th of December, is supposed to be the day that a god was born? It is all associated with a time when specific things happen … People exchanging gifts People attending a religious ritual, then later indulging in feasting and drinking. People decorating their houses with … Read more

The Myth of the war on Christmas

A war on what? The first observation to make is that the celebration of Christmas as we now experience it is very much an invention of the victorian era, and historically it was Easter that had far more significance to Christians. Much may in fact has been prompted by Charles Dickens writing A Christmas Carol in which he constructs Christmas as … Read more