Do Atheists Celebrate Christmas?

It should be obvious, but to many it it is not, so let’s start by going back to basics. First Point – There is no rule The one and only common factor amongst Atheists is that they agree that there is no god, but beyond that there need not be any consensus at all on anything else, … Read moreDo Atheists Celebrate Christmas?

The Myth of the war on Christmas

A war on what? The first observation to make is that the celebration of Christmas as we now experience it is very much an invention of the victorian era, and historically it was Easter that had far more significance to Christians. Much may in fact has been prompted by Charles Dickens writing A Christmas Carol in which he constructs Christmas as … Read moreThe Myth of the war on Christmas

Bill O’Reilly To Atheist David Silverman: ‘You Are A Fascist!’

First, before we get into the details, who are the players in this little piece of  Shakespearian drama? Bill O’Reilly is the host of the political commentary program The O’Reilly Factor on the Fox News Channel, which is (so they claim) the most watched cable news television program on American television … and least you wonder, yes Fox News do tend to embrace a … Read moreBill O’Reilly To Atheist David Silverman: ‘You Are A Fascist!’