Do we live in a simulated universe?

simulated universe

The question is this – is all of reality, the earth, and the entire universe including you, part of a simulated universe? Elon Musk rather famously believes this to be true. To understand what he believes and why, permit me to quote from a Space article written about an interview with him that covered the … Read more

Do we live in a Hologram?

hologram universe

For those wanting the quick answer – so far the actual evidence for this, and that includes the above claim, is no. So the above appeared within my Facebook feed and the context was a group that claims to debunk both evolution and atheism. The guy posting it is deeply religious and also posted it … Read more

Hints that #DarkEnergy might not actually exist have emerged … or have they?

OK, let’s take this step by step What exactly is dark energy? Think of it as a placeholder. Something has been observed, and since there was nothing we knew about that could explain that observation, the term “Dark energy” emerged as an explanation. The observation made in the 1990s was that the expansion of the … Read more

How do we know how many galaxies exist in the universe?

Regarding the question in the title, “How do we know how many Galaxies exist in the Universe?”, the short quick answer is that we do not have a precise number, instead what we have is an estimate that is based upon observational data collected by Hubble. There have been recent stories within the media regarding … Read more

Is the Universe the same in every direction?

Many calculation made by cosmologists about the universe start with the assumption that it is uniform and is not stretched or distorted. If this assumption turned out to be false, then all such calculations would be invalidated, so is it true? The idea that it is uniform does not appear to be correct when you consider … Read more

Claim: “God is outside our universe, hence is beyond science”

Adam Ericksen, the Education Director for The Raven Foundation a religious group that promotes non-violence, has recently blogged the rather common claim that God is not part of this universe. My intent here is not to specifically criticise Mr Ericksen nor the Raven Foundation, but to instead highlight it because it is simply one example of … Read more