Does a God really Exist?

God the Father, Cima da Conegliano, c. 1510–1517

When it comes to this question, one thing is highly probable – regardless of your current stance, anything I write will most probably not change your mind. If that is true, then why bother reading this? Read on to gain an understanding of why I do not believe. That way you can then begin to … Read more

Is there a good reason to think that there is a God?


There are humans who doubt and do not believe, and there are humans that do sincerely believe. Today I’d like to briefly mull over some of the common arguments presented by those that embrace the concept of a God. Disclaimer: I’m not a believer. Well something much have started it all The argument tends to … Read more

Weekly Weird Religious News

weekly weird religious news

I’ve been doing these weekly posting of weird religious news items for a few months now. You might wonder if there is ever a week when nothing really weird makes it into the news cycle. Has this week been such a week? Nope. So far, each and every week I have no problem randomly picking … Read more