Nobel Prize 2019 – Physiology or Medicine

nobel 2019 medicine

It is once again Nobel prize week, and as is traditional, Medicine kicks the proceedings off. So who has contributed to our understanding and won this year? Press Release details are here … The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2019 The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2019 was awarded jointly to … William … Read more

Nobel Prize 2018 – Peace

If you want to know about this year’s Nobel Peace winner, just jump around my preamble by scrolling down. What does it even mean? Unlike the science based award, the Nobel Peace prize is highly political. Sometimes they get it right, and sometimes very very wrong. Let’s mull over this for a bit. The “Peace” … Read more

Nobel Prize 2018 – Chemistry


Today it is the 3rd of the 4 Nobel awards scheduled for announcement this week – Chemistry. This one is interesting for three reasons. Those who did not win .. but should have. Dmitri Mendeleev created the periodic table, and so was perhaps the ideal candidate for the Nobel prize in Chemistry, but alas he was never granted it. … Read more