This is about the 2nd of 4 prize announcements this week. Physics is perhaps the most popular of the Nobels. Many past physics winners are well-known names … Pierre and Marie Curie, Marconi, Planck, Einstein, Bohr, Hertz, Schrödinger, Fermi, Pauli, Bothe, Feynman and many more. Marie Curie won because Pierre Curie refused to accept unless full credit was also shared with Marie. […]

Nobel Prize 2018 – Physics

The Nobel Prize for Physics is the one that contains the most well-known names, hence it can be argued is the highlight of the entire endeavour, but perhaps that observation is my personal and wholly subjective bias leaking out? I’d like to argue no. It is certainly the most important prize in […]

2016 Nobel Prize – Physics

  For myself, today is perhaps a highlight day for this year’s Nobel Prize – it is time for the Physics prize, and that perhaps betrays a slight bias on my part, because the other categories are just as appropriate (apart from “peace”, but I’ll save that rant until later […]

2013 Nobel Prize – Physics