NOAA: Earth just experienced one of the warmest years on record

warmest years - 2018 NOAA report

It is now official. After a delay of weeks due to the US government shutdown, NOAA have published the full final details for 2018 on 6th February – “Last year was one of the warmest years ever recorded.” Interestingly enough, that last sentence above is now a familiar turn of phrase and no longer a … Read more

Top 10 Climate Change Milestones in 2018 – #climate


In the context of climate science, what significant milestones in our understanding did we see emerge in 2018? Carbon Brief has a list. They have published the top climate science papers, or to be a tad more precise, the papers that resulted in the most media attention. You can surf on over to their take … Read more

What are the most Popular Posts

popular blog posts

It might indeed be tempting to list my favourite posts, but that only gives you a feel for my own highly subjective opinion. That would be akin to a movie director listing his favourite films. It tells you something about him, but not much else. What are my 10 most popular posts from the last … Read more

Arctic Report Card: It’s worse than you think


Starting in 2006 an annual Arctic report card has been published by NOAA. The 2018 Report card is now available, and it is not exactly good news. The more appropriate word is perhaps “dire”. The 2018 Report Card Here is a brief summary of it all … Highlights Surface air temperatures in the Arctic continued to … Read more

In 2018 Global Carbon Emissions are still rapidly climbing


After flattening out for a few years between 2014 and 2016 the overall rates of Global carbon emissions in 2018 have once again reverted back to their rapid upwards trend. Translation: if this does not change very soon, then we are well and truly F**ked. Here are the numbers. Where do these numbers come from? … Read more

2018 John Maddox Prize – given for taking a bold scientific stance


You might perhaps have never heard about the John Maddox Prize, and so you could naturally be inclined to think … “The What?”. This however is special. First, let’s very briefly do a bit of background on it. Sense about science is the British charity that funds and promotes the John Maddox Prize in conjunction with the … Read more