Is Jesus a myth or did he really exist?

It is perhaps common within some non-religious circles to roll with the idea that Jesus was just a myth and never existed, however I do have serious doubts about that, so I’m putting my thoughts down to see what others might think. It is a fringe idea As a bit of context, about 99.99% of biblical … Read more

Cartoons of Mohammed – needlessly provocative or a defence of free expression?

Let’s start this thought experiment with a small scenario. Suppose you lived in a small town that contained buildings for the various religious beliefs to meet in, a Mosque, a synagogue and a Catholic Church. How would you feel if things played out like this. Each friday, the catholics and Jews would gather outside the … Read more

The Copenhagen Shooting – Who Really has Responsibility?

Hopefully you can immediately grasp the right answer for this question, and if so then that is good. Alas, sadly there appears to be a strand of thinking that simply does not get it. First, to illustrate the point, let’s switch topic and imagine that a horrendous rape has taken place. The rapist is then put on … Read more

The Hidden sexual message on the latest Charlie Hebdo cover

I never saw it and would have never seen it, that is until somebody pointed it out to me. The latest Charlie Hebdo cover (below) features an Image of Mohammed crying and holding up a sign that reads “Je Suis Charlie”. On the surface this appears to be saying that what happened is completely at … Read more

Islamists turn out to be the Best publicists ever in history for a Mohammed Image

History once again repeats itself. Back in 1989, the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini issued a fatwā calling for Salman Rushdie’s death due to his book The Satanic Verses, and as a result tens of millions of copies were sold. It earned Salman Rushdie $2 million in the first year alone, and also became an all-time best seller for the publisher. Without the assistance of the Ayatollah … Read more

Did Mohammed really marry a 6 year old at the age of 50?

A criticism levelled against Mohammed is that at the age of 50 he married a six year old child named Aisha. First, lets ask ourselves this – Does this actually matter? A rather obvious rebuttal is to ask why this might matter today. Mohammed lived back in the 7th Century, not in our modern age, … Read more

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