Weekly Weird Religious News

weird religious news

The vast majority of humans, with or without a specific religious belief, are in general normal decent people. The religious ones enjoy the festivals, and also go through the religious rituals because they are in the club, but tend not to take it too seriously. There is however a smaller subset who take culturally inherited … Read more

Top 3 Weekly Weird Religious News Items

After last weeks “Ark Special” posting, I’d be tempted to say something along the lines of this week being a week where these weekly weird religious news posting summaries are now back to normal. There is however one tiny flaw … there is nothing “normal” about much of this. You do of course have to … Read more

Top 3 Weekly Weird News Items

Some believe things that will quite naturally lead them to accept absurd conclusions. For others, literalist interpretations is a road that takes them into the embrace of some truly obnoxious ideas. Entrenched between both of those we also have conmen who utilise religion to enrich themselves. For my weekly pick of the top three weirdest bits of religious … Read more