Genocide – Discovery of Mass graves in Iraq

Paris has perhaps eclipsed an even greater ISIS atrocity. Last week Kurdish forces, backed by British and American air strikes, liberated Sinjar from ISIS, and made the horrendous discovery of mass graves. As reported in the Telegraph … They discovered two graves. The first – containing the corpses of older women – was found west of the city’s centre, … Read more

ISIS really is a Muslim organisation

I’ve seen numerous posts pop up on Social Media with the claim that ISIS are not Islamic, for example we have this quote … Those who shed the blood of the innocent have nothing to do with islam That was a claim made by the leader of an Islamic sect that is denounced as “not true islam” by … Read more

Stoning of Girl: Is it Really true?

Over a year ago I wrote a posting about a claim that a girl had been stoned to death in Syria for the crime of posting to Facebook. At that time I pointed out a few things … The original source was not credible: “It appears to originally come from the Iranian FARS News Agency” … … Read more

The grim reality of life under ISIS

Patrick Cockburn, an Irish journalist who has been a Middle East correspondent since 1979, has published part 2 of his harrowing stories about life under ISIS. In Part 1 which was published on 16th May (you can find it here), Mr Cockburn documents some of the truly harrowing stories from the women who have fled from … Read more

ISIS and Taliban Have Announced Jihad…On Each Other.

This, if true (and I harbour some doubts), is quite frankly hilarious – ISIS, a group that embraces a rather extreme, violent, and completely intolerant variation of Islamic belief, have declared Jihad on the Teliban, another group that embraces a rather extreme, violent, and completely intolerant but slightly different variation of Islamic belief, and the Teliban … Read more

YouTube clip that mocks ISIS

Be warned, this is NSFW, but also quite hilarious. Somebody has taken an ISIS propaganda clip and injected a new translation, one that completely mocks their mindset. I can see one commenter in YouTube observed “Hey, I speak arabic and this is not what they are saying?” … er well yes, that’s the point, this is … Read more