Why is the UK planning to ban Gay conversion therapy?


The UK government announced yesterday on 3rd July the intent to ban Gay conversion therapy. Along with that announcement, which is part of their LGBT road map, they also published the results of a comprehensive survey that has enabled them to make informed decisions. The Survey Itself You can find the full survey results here. … Read more

Why did Republicans bring massive boost to Gay Sex workers in Cleveland?

As you might be aware, the Republican National Convention in Cleveland passed what is perhaps the most hostile anti-LGBT platform ever seen in its history. With that in mind you might perhaps anticipate that when it town all these white straight anglo-saxons would have caused the normal trade being plied by local gay sex workers … Read more

Is being gay a choice?


A rather common religious claim is that being gay is a lifestyle choice hence those who are gay are simply in rebellion against the “natural” order, but is this a factual claim? What is of course true is that being gay is indeed a choice, but not in the sense that Christians mean. (Now please don’t … Read more