Genocide – Discovery of Mass graves in Iraq

Some recovered belongings. 500 men of kocho village were shot; the women raped or killed by IS. Points to genocide.

Paris has perhaps eclipsed an even greater ISIS atrocity. Last week Kurdish forces, backed by British and American air strikes, liberated Sinjar from ISIS, and made the horrendous discovery of mass graves. As reported in the Telegraph …

They discovered two graves. The first – containing the corpses of older women – was found west of the city’s centre, near the Sinjar Technical Institute. The second was ten miles west, and is believed to contain men, women and children. It is rigged with explosives and deliberately difficult to access. 

The Kurdish government team will analyse the bodies in an attempt to uncover the grim story of what happened here. 

But let’s be frank: it is not difficult to guess. 

Over the past year, Islamic State forces have kidnapped thousands of young Yazidi women to use as sex slaves. Now we know what happened to those not deemed ‘attractive enough’ for them.

If we are to begin to truly understand the Islamist fascism that ISIS is, then this genocide clearly highlights the depths of their complete and utter moral bankruptcy.

Now I do wish to pause to make a very important point here …

  • I use the term “Islamist fascism” to describe a specific religious ideology, the ISIS variation of Islam, and am not using it generically. The intent is to label them specifically, and by doing so, disassociate them from all other variations of Islam.

The Telegraph Article about this Genocide is rather grim reading

In so many ways, Paris is just the tip of the iceberg because the degree of their descent into utter inhumanity and pure brutality is almost impossible to grasp …

… In August 2014 the militants overran Yazidi territory in Sinjar and began killing and kidnapping thousands of men, women and children. The United Nations has already acknowledged that what happened in those dark days may be considered genocide.

… Hundreds of men and boys were slaughtered; many killed by point-blank shots to the head or were pushed off cliffs. More than a thousand women and girls were kidnapped. The brutal sexual violence against these women and girls – passed around by Isil fighters – has been well documented.

… After a two day offensive to recapture Sinjar, last Friday, Kurdish forces were met by young Yazidi women who had somehow managed to escape the clutches of the Isil kidnappers. They led their liberators to ditches containing the bodies of their mothers and grandmothers.

… The belongings scattered by the dusty mass grave in Sinjar show this is no ordinary war. Elderly women who use walking sticks are not soldiers.

… Islamic State’s attitude to women has been brutally laid bare in its division of the Yazidis into those who were young and beautiful enough to rape, and those who were not. Mothers and grandmothers who seemingly could not command a price in the sex market (reportedly a ‘packet of cigarettes’) were simply slaughtered.

I’m quite frankly lost for words.

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