This, if true (and I harbour some doubts), is quite frankly hilarious – ISIS, a group that embraces a rather extreme, violent, and completely intolerant variation of Islamic belief, have declared Jihad on the Teliban, another group that embraces a rather extreme, violent, and completely intolerant but slightly different variation of […]

ISIS and Taliban Have Announced Jihad…On Each Other.

Given that I do quite often focus upon Islam it is perhaps appropriate for me to turn my thoughts towards the ISIS Jihad in Iraq. First, the rather obvious details; Tarek Fatah writes about it in the Toronto Sun as follows … The brutality of this mayhem was best captured […]

The Orgy of Jihad

Ali A. Rizvi, a Pakistani-Canadian writer, physician and musician, has a common-sense article in the Huffington Post today (yikes … did I just put “common sense” and “Huffington Post” in the same sentence!). Anyway, regardless of where it comes from, it is a really good article and is bursting and […]

An Atheist Muslim’s Perspective on the ‘Root Causes’ of Islamist Jihadism and the Politics of ...