golden rice
Let’s start by clarifying exactly what Golden Rice is. Once we have that under our belt we will then move on to some of the various claims surrounding it and identify what is fact and what is anti-GMO propaganda. What is “Golden Rice”? “Golden Rice” is the term used to […]

Is Golden Rice Good or Bad?

science denial
A new paper has been published within the Personality and Social Psychology bulletin entitled  … Not All Skepticism Is Equal: Exploring the Ideological Antecedents of Science Acceptance and Rejection We report three studies—including an analysis of large-scale survey data—in which we systematically investigate the ideological antecedents of general faith in […]

Exploring Science Denial – New study published

Steve Novella has written an article that grants us a really good insight into the recent GMO wars that have been taking place within social media. The quick summary is this … the Facebook page, We Love GMOs and Vaccines, was permanently taken down by Facebook and its founder, Stephan Neidenbach, […]

Facebook page “We Love GMOs and Vaccines” permanently taken down by Facebook