Most Significant Climate Change paper in last few years

IPCC 1.5 special report

With only a few days of 2019 left I’ve been asking myself a question – what has been the most significant scientific paper published during the last couple of years related to climate change? I have a proposed answer. I do of course recognise that the term “Significant” is vague and wholly subjective, and so … Read more

IPCC Special Report on 1.5 C


It is here. The long anticipated IPCC 1.5 C Special report #SR15 report has been formally issued. Here are the links that take you directly to the alpha source and so bypass all of the press articles. The press release Frequently Asked Questions The Summary For Policy Makers (SPM) The full report What is Driving this … Read more

U.N. draft report – ‘very high risk’ the planet will warm beyond key limit


The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is due to issue a Special Report the spells out the impact Global Warming of 1.5 °C or above. It will be formally issued next October, but there is a public draft already available for comment, hence we can get a look to see what it will tell us. Warning: … Read more

UK’s Met Office – 1.5 C global warming is in their 5 year forecast


Some rather dire news has been issued within an official press release from the UK’s Met Office. Entitled “Five-year forecast indicates further warming” they explain that their climate models point to us probably breaching the 1.5 C Global Warming limit in the next five years … A new forecast published by scientists at the Met … Read more