Handling the clash between “belief” and “reality” – A Gay Muslim goes to Mecca

The official position within most variations of the Abrahamic beliefs (Islam, Christianity, and Judaism), is that being gay is wrong and evil and so is also often deemed to be a lifestyle choice. This creates a huge conflict within many humans because it is not a choice, there are humans who have a different sexual orientation, and … Read more

The Salvation Army and the “Gays Need to Be Put to Death” comment – what really happened.

The Salvation Army is of course a group that embraces traditional Christian views, but we all know that. In fact, they have a rather good public image because their mission is to help the poor, destitute and hungry by meeting both their “physical and spiritual needs”. I’m not so sure about the “spiritual” bit, that is … Read more

Uganda about to introduce Death Penalty for the crime of being gay

Uganda is about to introduce new legislation that will impose a Death penalty for being Gay. AllAfrica reports … Ugandan activists confirmed today at a press briefing organised by AllOut.org that the death penalty had not been dropped from the “Kill The Gays bill – contrary to media reports claiming the contrary. A source at … Read more