Experience: I tried to ‘cure’ gay people

The Guardian had a great article yesterday by a chap called Jeremy Marks. In it he describes how back in the 80’s he started a group called “Courage” with the primary aim of “Curing” gay folks. He himself was, and still is, gay. He writes … …in 1986, I came across a group called the True Freedom Trustand went … Read more

Homophobic Bus Ads … It is offensive, the claims are wrong, but they should not be banned? No.

A group of Christian nuts in the UK called the Core Issues Trust believe that “homoerotic behaviour is sinful” and also claim  you can cure homosexual urges; pray the gay away, etc. It is a daft claim, you can’t, both the American Psychiatric Association and also the UK’s Royal College of Psychiatrists confirm that. These … Read more

Ellen DeGeneres Responds To Anti-Gay “One Million Moms” Group

Last week, a Christian group called One Million Moms called on JC Penney to fire new spokesperson Ellen DeGeneres because she’s gay. JC Penney then released a statement saying it stands by DeGeneres. Now, in a clip that will air on her show Wednesday 8th Feb, DeGeneres gives her direct reply … If you liked that, then you might like to … Read more

Chruch of Ireland Priest causes shock by entering into a formal Gay partnership

The news is that Rev Tom Gordon, a Church Of Ireland Anglican priest, has formally entered  into civil partnership with his boyfriend of 20 years, and has also received the full support of his bishop, the Rt Rev Michael Burrows. Now normally when a couple get together it is not public news to anybody except their friends who wish them well, so why is this an exception? I need not explain, you all know, and are all familiar with the anti-gay rhetoric that is very pervasive amongst many shades of belief.

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The Christchurch Gay Quake Hoax

A website has appeared that has sent portions of the media (and for that matter the blog-sphere) into a feeding frenzy. It claims that Christchurch’s devastating earthquake was an act of God triggered by the tolerance of homosexual behaviour in the city. Sound familiar? perhaps so, because it has a sort of “westboro baptist church” … Read more