Uganda about to introduce Death Penalty for the crime of being gay

Uganda is about to introduce new legislation that will impose a Death penalty for being Gay. AllAfrica reports … Ugandan activists confirmed today at a press briefing organised by that the death penalty had not been dropped from the “Kill The Gays bill – contrary to media reports claiming the contrary. A source at … Read more

Experience: I tried to ‘cure’ gay people

The Guardian had a great article yesterday by a chap called Jeremy Marks. In it he describes how back in the 80’s he started a group called “Courage” with the primary aim of “Curing” gay folks. He himself was, and still is, gay. He writes … …in 1986, I came across a group called the True Freedom Trustand went … Read more

Homophobic Bus Ads … It is offensive, the claims are wrong, but they should not be banned? No.

A group of Christian nuts in the UK called the Core Issues Trust believe that “homoerotic behaviour is sinful” and also claim  you can cure homosexual urges; pray the gay away, etc. It is a daft claim, you can’t, both the American Psychiatric Association and also the UK’s Royal College of Psychiatrists confirm that. These … Read more

Ellen DeGeneres Responds To Anti-Gay “One Million Moms” Group

Last week, a Christian group called One Million Moms called on JC Penney to fire new spokesperson Ellen DeGeneres because she’s gay. JC Penney then released a statement saying it stands by DeGeneres. Now, in a clip that will air on her show Wednesday 8th Feb, DeGeneres gives her direct reply … If you liked that, then you might like to … Read more